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Roy and Trish Didn’t Have to Travel Far to Find an Active, Fulfilling Lifestyle

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Every journey to The Village at Germantown begins differently. Some folks hear about The Village from a friend or real estate agent. Others fall in love with our welcoming retirement community after they attend one of our gourmet brunches, lively happy hours or other popular events.

Roy and Trish Stephenson, however, didn’t look much further than their own backyard. As long-time Germantown residents, this engaging duo was already familiar with our beautiful 29-acre Life Plan Community. And once they chose The Village as their retirement destination, they discovered even more to love.

Becoming Second-Generation Villagers

Before they planted roots at our Germantown, TN retirement community, Roy’s mom was a resident here. The couple was already impressed with the dynamic people and attentive staff, not to mention the spacious apartments and villas. But Trish reveals that Roy took a bit of convincing at first.

“Roy was a hard sell because he hates to move, and we’d just recently renovated our kitchen,” explains Trish, a former teacher. “But two things changed his mind. First, it was getting harder to climb up and down the stairs in our home. Also, the more we talked the more he liked the idea that, even if our health care needs change, we’ll have everything we need right here.”

Roy, a retired CFO, adds: “I also figured it would be smarter to move now, while we’re still young enough to enjoy all the dining, entertainment and amenities. If we waited until we were 90, it may have been too late. And the best part is, we’ll never have to move again,” he laughs.

Maintaining Ties with Family, Building Connections with Friends

While it’s rare to find a “typical” day in our vibrant retirement community, Roy and Trish have carved out a healthy balance of staying fit, helping with the grandkids and socializing with other energetic seniors here. What’s more, they don’t mind one bit that they each have their own interests to pursue.

“For me, it’s great to just roll out of bed, put on my swimsuit and stroll down to the pool,” Trish says, “Sometimes I head to the Fitness Center for a water aerobics class, which I’m glad I don’t have to drive to. Other days, I get called to babysit, sometimes on short notice. It’s great to have the flexibility to meet the day as it unfolds.”

As for Roy, there are two weekly activities circled in red on his calendar. “Tuesday’s my golf day, so if you’re looking for me, that’s where I’ll be,” he says. “Wednesday mornings are also special because that’s when I take our older grandson to the Germantown Library.”

While Trish and Roy each have different ways of staying active and engaged during the day, they usually manage to meet for dinner at the Monarch Dining Room. And it’s rarely just the two of them. After all, an energetic social scene is part of what makes our community a true village, and maintaining connections is key to preserving physical and emotional health—two important dimensions of senior wellness.

“We have a group of six, including my sister, who eat dinner together and spend hours discussing everything from grandkids to movies to world events,” Trish explains. “Although there’s always room for others to join us. There are no strangers here … everyone knows everyone by name.”

It Takes A Village: Stepping Up to Serve Our Community

When you don’t have to worry about housekeeping and yardwork, you have time to pursue activities close to your heart. And although Roy no longer has to contend with corporate spreadsheets, he’s putting his financial skills to use as treasurer of The Village Foundation.

“The Foundation provides money to residents who may have trouble covering all their expenses,” Roy explains. “I keep track of things like account balances and monthly donations, and I also do the annual tax return. It’s a truly worthwhile use of my skill set.”

Trish recalls a time when the Foundation helped someone close to her heart. “I have a good friend whose mother was one of the first to move here,” she says. “Eventually, the money she had saved for retirement wasn’t covering her expenses. So, the Foundation stepped in to lend a hand. That’s how we look out for each other here.”

In addition to his work with The Village Foundation, Roy also manages our Life Plan Community’s Employee Appreciation Fund. “There is no tipping at The Village, but many residents do contribute to this fund,” he says. “When December rolls around, staff members receive a ‘bonus’ based on their years of service and hours worked.

“The people who work here really go above and beyond to make everyone feel like family. It’s heartwarming to show our appreciation—not just to our hair stylists and massage therapists, but to the folks working ‘behind the scenes’ as well.”

The Grandkids Love to Visit and The Village Loves Them Back

Roy and Trish welcomed their twin granddaughters to our vibrant senior living community last Christmas, and their daughter-in-law worried that folks wouldn’t like having two three-year-olds running around. As you might expect, the exact opposite happened.

“The people here welcomed them with open arms—and so did Santa Claus,” Trish beams. “You also have to remember that we’re among the younger residents here, so our grandkids are the same age as some other folks’ great-grandkids.”

Of course, there are lots of other grandkid-friendly happenings at The Village at Germantown. One Stephenson family favorite is fried chicken and meatloaf night at the Monarch Dining Room. “Our grandson calls it ‘chicken on the bone,’” Trish laughs.

There’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors as well. “Sometimes I’ll take the kids to the putting green or for a dip in the pool, where they horse around with the noodles and kickboards,” Roy says. “And because so many folks here have pets, there’s always a dog or cat for them to play with as well.”

He adds: “Whenever our family comes to visit, they tell us we live on a cruise ship that doesn’t actually sail anywhere!”

Join Us for a Delicious Lunch—We’re Buying!

If you’re waiting for the chance to start your own journey toward a chore-free lifestyle brimming with possibilities, you’re in luck. That’s because The Village at Germantown is hosting a gourmet-inspired lunch and resident panel discussion on April 24th.

Don’t miss your chance to meet some of the most fascinating, and friendly, people you’ll ever want to know. And get the inside scoop about the gracious lifestyle awaiting you in our senior living community.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to RSVP today by calling 901-737-4242.

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