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Called to Care: The Best Senior Living Community Staff Members Have a Servant Heart

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Most retirement communities are proud of their staff members and rightfully so. After all, communities can only thrive if they hire qualified, compassionate people who enjoy helping seniors live their best lives.

But there’s something truly unique about the folks who work at The Village at Germantown, and Director of Human Resources Vickie Grimes calls it a servant heart. Here, employees deeply understand and value the contributions that residents have made and the wisdom that they hold. And it shows in every interaction, large and small.

A Village Like No Other

As a hotel industry veteran, Vickie is no stranger to customer service. But when she arrived at our Germantown, Tennessee, Life Plan Community, it just felt like home. “The employees are super friendly and the residents are simply inspirational,” she says. “What a gift I found when I arrived here!”

For folks who call our village home, every day is a gift too. From friends meeting in our Polo Lounge & Grill to folks pursuing their passions in our many clubs, our campus is a hive of activity. And we never stop looking for new ways to please. “The campus is even more beautiful now that we’ve done some renovating and redecorating,” Vickie says. “There’s a brand-new putting green, and gardening enthusiasts can now enjoy their own garden plots in addition to our community garden.”

Our village excels in providing peace of mind as well. All levels of care are provided right here on campus, so you won’t have to worry about a major disruption, should your health needs change. “We have all these avenues to help residents and their families on their journey through the aging process,” Vickie says. “Not many senior living communities offer such a continuum of care and we go even further by delivering that care with empathy and respect.”

More than a Retirement Community, It’s a Mission Field

One of the biggest challenges of being the human resources director of a vibrant retirement community is making sure it is staffed by exactly the right people. And when Vickie interviews potential new members of our close-knit team, she looks for a few must-have personality traits.

Vickie explains: “We can teach people how to clean an apartment or villa, cook a meal or organize an activity. But first, they need to have a servant heart … that desire to make every day the best day for our residents. And it really comes down to the simple things like a smile, eye contact and a willingness to listen closely.”

If it sounds like there’s a spiritual dimension to working at The Village at Germantown, there truly is. In fact, Vickie views our senior living community as a 29-acre mission field serving folks who’ve made their mark on the world—and deserve every bit of what we can offer.

“Fixing breakfast or tending the grounds might be part of a job description, but what we’re really doing is ministering to our residents,” Vickie explains. “And that make us all feel like we’re part of one village.”

Small Details Foster Deep Social Connections Between Seniors and Staff

When people regard their daily work at our retirement community as more of a calling than a job, they’re not just willing, but eager to go the extra mile. And Vickie can point to countless examples—from landscapers who do their best to accommodate requests for specific flower types to wait staff who know exactly how residents take their tea.

“One young college student who serves in our dining room makes it a point to write a personal note on every check,” Vickie explains. “So, you can tell he’s taking the time to engage with residents, not just handing them something to eat.”

Vickie also loves to tell the story of how our team helped one resident spread joy through the generations. “He would sketch out some cartoon characters and we’d go make copies for our associates to take home for their children to color,” she explains. “You should have seen the look on his face when we brought the drawings back all colored in and told him that the kids couldn’t wait for him to see the finished creation.”

Answering the Call to Honor a Valued Mentor

As the director of human resources, Vickie doesn’t get to visit one-on-one with residents quite as often as she’d like. But when she does, she stands in awe of the achievements and accomplishments of folks in our active senior living community. And she treasures the moments when she can make a difference.

Perhaps her most meaningful encounter involves a resident of Memory Care who used to be a senior executive at Holiday Inn where Vickie once worked. “One weekend, I stopped by his room, introduced myself and asked if I could visit for a bit,” Vickie explains. “At first, he didn’t say much, so I started talking about how we used to work together and how respected he was. Then all of a sudden, his eyes lit up and he said ‘Holiday Inn. I remember!’ It was such a blessing to be able to spark that memory for him.”

“That’s what I’m here for. That’s what we’re all here for.”

See How a Passion for People Drives our Life Plan Community

Our welcoming retirement community in Germantown, Tennessee, is cultivated by our team of dedicated, talented staff members committed to providing residents with top-tier service and a fulfilling lifestyle.

To experience our spirit of service for yourself, schedule your visit to The Village at Germantown by calling 901-737-4242.

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