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It Takes a Village to Build a Senior Living Community Like No Other

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When you ask folks why they moved to The Village at Germantown, you’ll hear lots of stories. Some choose our active, highly-regarded retirement community because our campus is brimming with dynamic people. Others like the idea of maintenance-free living in one of our spacious apartments or villas. And many feel reassured that, should something happen to them, their spouse will be surrounded by friendly faces.

Once you arrive, though, something remarkable happens. You become part of our family and we become part of yours. Recently we took a stroll through The Village, asking residents and staff to talk about the special connections they have formed. Here’s a small sampling of what we heard.

Valuing Uniqueness While Celebrating Togetherness

Visitors sometimes wonder what a “typical” resident of The Village is like. Well, there is no “typical” Village resident. Our supportive senior living community is home to retired secretaries, artists, engineers, physicians, homemakers, veterans and people from a variety of other backgrounds, professions and walks of life.

And when it comes to socializing at The Village, cliques are one of the few things you won’t find. From Monday Night Football at the Café Bistro to Sunday Dinner in our Monarch Dining Room, there’s always room for one more. As one 18-year resident puts it: “Everybody loves everybody and they’ll do anything for you. You really can know every single person by name.”

The bonds formed between people from different backgrounds are refreshingly heartfelt. While putting together an interfaith religious service one resident, who is Jewish, became friends with a devoutly Christian woman. When her friend passed away, she received a heartwarming gift from the woman’s daughter: her mom’s entire collection of Jewish books. It meant so much that her friend had taken the time to learn so much about another religion.

Creating and Sustaining Social Connections

It wouldn’t be a true village without an energetic social scene. People are naturally social creatures after all, and maintaining connections is key to preserving physical and emotional health—two important dimensions of senior wellness. And folks who call The Village home are among the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. “Every day, the calendar is packed, and there’s always lots of laughter,” says one high-spirited resident. “I love playing poker and bridge, catching a movie in the theater and singing (when the mood hits me). I’m also known for my joke-telling at the bar.”

Others like to form connections on a more intellectual level. “The lectures are so inspiring,” says one continuing education enthusiast. “There’s a really good historian who comes in once a month to do a deep dive into many topics.” He also notes that the frequent question-and-answer sessions with civic leaders help him feel more in tune with the larger Germantown community.

What if you love performing in our drama club while your spouse prefers quiet introspection in one of our religious studies groups? No worries! There’s plenty here to keep couples engaged and entertained, even if they don’t always do it together. In fact, one couple revealed that they didn’t actually see each other much during the day because they have different interests. But they do manage to eat dinner together most nights.

Supporting Each Other Through Life’s “What Ifs”

One of the best things about moving to a Life Plan Community like The Village is that all levels of care are provided right here on campus, so you can have peace of mind if your health needs change. Residents rest easy, knowing that the burden of care won’t fall on their children.

What really sets our village apart, though, is how neighbors care for each other through thick and thin. Folks regularly visit their friends in Assisted Living or Memory Care for a game of cards, a sing-a-long at the piano or a simple chat. It’s these kinds of small, everyday interactions that create a healthy, thriving community.

This spirit of camaraderie is fondly appreciated by one four-year resident. “I first moved here because I didn’t want to come home to an empty house once I retired,” she explains. “Now, the people here have become my family. It gives me confidence to know that there will always be someone here to support me.”

It’s More Than a Job, It’s a Calling

Our welcoming Germantown, TN community is cultivated further by our talented staff, people committed to providing residents with top-tier service and a fulfilling lifestyle. “We are here to make them happy,” says Melissa Rukstad, Senior VP of Operations. “They’ve earned the right to expect the best of everything and we are here to give that to them.”

One resident who’s experienced our staff at its best is a retired concert violinist who continues pursuing her passion by giving music lessons. After her husband broke his hip and shoulder, she worried that she wouldn’t be able to teach while supporting her husband’s recovery. The solution? Our resourceful staff provided her with a villa near our rehabilitation center, where she could continue teaching. That’s how we care for one another.

Smaller moments can be rich in meaning as well. Vickie Grimes, Director of Human Resources, recently shared such a moment with a former colleague, now a resident of Memory Care. “The two of us had worked together years ago, so I just started talking about the past with him,” she explains. “Reminding him about all the ways in which he touched other people’s lives meant the world to both of us. And it’s what makes working here feel like being part of a true village.”

Explore Our Community of Friends and Fellowship

Any retirement community can provide you with gracious amenities, fine dining and bountiful opportunities to enjoy an active, vibrant lifestyle. And you’ll certainly find all that at The Village. But you’ll also find a tight-knit community of neighbors who quickly form connections and become not just friends … but family. Call us today at 901-737-4242 to schedule your visit.

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