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How to Choose a Retirement Community

What should I look for in a retirement community?

When searching for any new home, there are numerous factors to consider. When searching for the retirement community to best suit your needs, there are even more factors to keep in mind.

Location and Community Amenities

When choosing a retirement community, consider which locations appeal to you. Are you interested in living in a metro area or a suburban location that also offers convenient access to area hospitals and physicians? Which areas of town do you most often visit? Where are your favorite stores, restaurants, and shopping centers located? Is it important that the location be in close proximity to friends and family members?

Several retirement communities in Memphis offer convenient access to local hospitals and healthcare facilities in addition to a short drive to the best shopping and dining in town. Residents of The Village at Germantown also enjoy the added convenience of being located near multiple area shopping centers which feature both high-end retailers and local boutiques. Located a short walk from The Village are the Germantown Community Library (although many residents find their favorite classics and new releases in our community library) and the Germantown Performing Arts Center, where world-renowned performers and artists provide performances year-round.

Resident Amenities

Just as essential are amenities available exclusively to residents. It’s wonderful to have a fitness center located nearby, but it’s even more convenient to have health and fitness options within walking distance of your home or condominium. Consider the many resident amenities retirement communities offer. Choose only those that offer a variety of dining options and the essentials you’ll want to take advantage of - healthcare options, health and fitness centers, etc.



If you’re planning on investing in a retirement community, choose one which offers a variety of dining experiences. While some retirement communities only offer cafeteria-style dining, others offer formal dining areas, cafes, and even bars. For nights when you want to enjoy a steak dinner but would much rather take a short walk than drive to the other side of town, a formal in-house dining option offers a unique experience which allows you to enjoy the finest meals surrounded by friends and family - and just steps away from your front door!

The Village at Germantown offers three distinct dining options for residents and their guests. No matter which style of cuisine you’re in the mood for, there’s a dining option for you. The Monarch Fine Dining Room offers delicious entrees like petit filet and trout almondine in addition to crème brule and an assortment of appetizers, soups, and salads. The Cafe Bistro offers soups, salads, and sandwiches ideal for grabbing lunch with a friend. The Polo Lounge and Grille offers a selection of entrees, soups, salads, and desserts the whole family can enjoy.


Village at Germantown Villa Garden

Maintenance-Free Living

By far one of the biggest perks of living in a retirement community is the maintenance-free lawn and landscaping. While The Village at Germantown villa residents are more than welcome to customize their flower gardens and landscaping, they can also take advantage of lawn care services at no additional cost. Imagine never having to rake leaves or mow the lawn again!


Swimming Pool

Health + Fitness

If health and fitness are an essential part of your lifestyle, choosing a retirement community with plenty of health and fitness facilities is essential. Many individuals are looking for retirement communities with indoor pools or fitness centers, while others are seeking locations which offer outdoor recreation and spas.

At The Village of Germantown, residents enjoy a fully-equipped gym and fitness center offering a variety of fitness classes with personal trainers or group instructors, an Olympic-sized indoor aerobic swimming pool, outdoor walking trails, a salon and spa, and outdoor walking trails. In addition, several public parks with hiking trails are located within a short drive.



From transportation and travel to restaurant reservations, concierge services can save you invaluable time and energy. You’ve looked forward to retirement for quite some time, and you deserve to enjoy it. When choosing a retirement community, consider locations that offer concierge service to help you make the most of your days and nights.




One of the greatest aspects of retirement life is the time to devote to hobbies and activities you enjoy. If you’re a golfer, you can work on your golf game whenever you like! If you’re a reader, imagine the progress you’ll be able to make on your to-be-read list. When choosing a retirement community, consider which hobbies you’ll likely focus a significant amount of time on. Many locations offer residential amenities that cater to specific hobbies, including woodworking, gardening, reading, and more.

At The Village at Germantown, our residents can enjoy a fully-equipped woodworking studio, community garden, fitness center, and library, where residents can enjoy a variety of activities while interacting with other residents who enjoy the same hobbies. Many deep and lasting friendships have been formed here in our community as a result of the opportunity to engage and connect with others through shared experiences.


Long-Term Care and Financial Support

An investment in a retirement community is an investment in your future. You’ll want to choose a location that provides quality care for residents through rehabilitation following an injury, on-site healthcare options, and more. Many facilities like The Village at Germantown offer prescription delivery, massage therapy, fitness classes, preventative care, and appointments with podiatrists and other healthcare providers.


Continuing Care Assisted Living in Memphis

In addition to on-site healthcare options, consider facilities that offer continuing care for residents who may one day need more advanced or round-the-clock care. The Village at Germantown is a continuing care retirement community offers the opportunity to experience independent living with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your needs will be met should an injury or illness occur.


Financial Assistance for Seniors

Another thing to consider when searching for a retirement community with continuing care for residents is whether or not financial assistance is offered. While many residents are able to comfortably invest in a retirement community when the time is right, medical bills and other costs may one day present the need for financial assistance. The Village at Germantown’s residents are provided with financial support in times of need to ensure their cost of living and medical expenses are covered.


People and Price

As with many things in life, people can make or break your experience in a retirement community. From unskilled nursing staff to overworked employees, the people are an essential part of the overall feel of a retirement community. What some facilities offer in value, they don’t make up for in the hiring process. At The Village of Germantown, our residents can enjoy affordable independent living in a desirable location with highly trained healthcare specialists and pleasant and accommodating staff.

Village at Germantown Exterior

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