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Smart Travel Ideas for Seniors Seeking Adventure

Vacation Ideas for Seniors

One of the most exciting aspects of retirement is the ability to travel more and experience new places and activities you didn’t have the time, energy, or money for in your younger years. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting vacation destinations for seniors, and most of them offer senior discounts! For AARP members, you can expect even more savings on lodging, dining, and even vacation packages.

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What's on your retirement bucket list? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do and see? So many people want to travel during retirement, and we can certainly see why! If you have the extra time and the resources to do so, retirement getaways are excellent for staying active; learning about new places, cultures, and history; and just plain having fun with friends and family.

Consider Retiree Travel Groups

Because retirement travel is so common, chances are you have some friends or family members who would be interested in joining you on a trip or two, or more! Travel groups for seniors are fun ways to reconnect with old friends as well as make new ones. They also present the opportunity for group travel packages, senior travel deals, and all the cost savings that come with sharing lodging, transportation and other expenses.

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Perhaps most importantly, senior travel groups - as long as you know the members before the trip - can be safer than travelling alone or even just as a couple. For instance, there will always be someone in the group to go with you on various outings so you will never be exploring alone in a new place. Also, being with friends means others on the trip know enough about you and your family contact information to assist you if some kind of medical or personal issue should arise while you’re away from home.

Find the Best Retirement Vacation Spots

Once you have joined or started a senior travel club or even just gathered a group of interested friends and family members, it’s time to start planning where you want to go! Return to your bucket list for retirement and think about places you have always wanted to visit, or activities you enjoy that are even more fun in another climate, state or even country.

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If you love going for long walks, somewhere warm with a sandy beach might be nice. If you like to sit by the fire and engage in good conversation, a snowy lodge might feel just right.

For more trip ideas, you may want to peruse retirement travel blogs such as Home Free Adventures and More Time to Travel, or ask around among retired friends and family to hear first hand about the best places to explore during your golden years.

Experts at the Travel Channel have even made a list of the Best Retirement Getaways that includes Belgium, Cinque Terre (Italy), Beaufort (South Carolina), the Western National Parks, Paris, Alaskan cruises, Aspen (Colorado), and Naples (Florida).

Wherever you go, it’s also important to consider your health needs when picking a retirement vacation spot. Look into (or ask a travel agent about) transportation options in the area if you’re not prepared to walk long distances. If you’re taking a longer vacation and have the need for certain physical therapy equipment or medications, make sure those will be accessible for you.

If you have dietary restrictions and are planning an all-inclusive trip, check ahead with staff to make sure your needs can be accommodated at mealtimes. Of course, if you have any questions about your ability to travel, it’s best to check with your physician for individualized advice. After all, vacations are supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating, so you wouldn’t want your trip to have the opposite effect!

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Vacation Destination: Senior Cruise

If you’re interested in vacations in Alaska, vacations in the Caribbean, or vacations in the Mediterranean, a senior cruise offers the ultimate vacation destination without the hassle of driving, finding a motel, and more. Choosing which senior cruise to take depends largely on where you’d like to travel to, since every senior cruise includes a variety of on-board activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re craving sunny weather and beaches, the opportunity to visit many countries in Europe, or an escape from the sweltering heat, there’s a cruise for you.

3 Reasons to Book a Senior Cruise Today

Senior Cruises Offer Significant Value

If you’re looking for an affordable vacation package for seniors which includes lodging, amenities, dining, and activities, look no further than a senior cruise. Senior cruises offer guests the ability to book a vacation for a week, 10 days, or even several weeks, but at a great value. You can often find deals on cruises packages which equal around $100 per person per night, and that includes your lodging, your meals, and a variety of activities. Meanwhile, you’re lucky to find a decent hotel with a continental breakfast included for $100 per night or less.

Senior Cruises Offer a Unique Experience

There are hundreds of vacation destinations around the world you can enjoy, but like a trip to Paris, or a visit to the Grand Canyon, a cruise is a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t find in a traditional road trip vacation. From the beauty of the wide open ocean, to the opportunity to explore new places and new cultures all within the span of 7 to 10 days, cruises offer an unforgettable vacation you’ll be glad you experience at least once.

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Senior Cruises are Great for Travelers with Anxiety

Want to take a vacation to a new and exciting place without setting foot on an airplane? A cruise may be just the thing for you. A cruise allows you to explore the beautiful wide open ocean and various cultures and countries without the hassle of flying.

Senior Cruises are Great for Solo Travelers

Are you an introvert seeking a great vacation spot? Are you planning your first vacation after the loss of a loved one? Senior cruises offer plenty of activities for individuals traveling alone, so you can make new friends and enjoy the company of others during on-board activities while enjoying alone time when you need it. Cruises also offer the ability to create your own activity schedule, so you can enjoy a variety of activities day or night without feeling secluded.

Senior Cruises are Great for Travelers with Limited Mobility

If you have a passion for traveling and love the idea of exploring new places but have limited mobility, a senior cruise offers you the chance to meet new people, see new places, experience new things, and all with the added convenience of a handicap or wheelchair-accessible room, dining options, and activity centers. Booking a cruise means not having to worry about restroom breaks or being stuck in a vehicle for long periods of time.

Packing Tips

Packing is one of the necessary evils when traveling. Pack too much, and you are left lugging around a huge suitcase filled with extra items that you don't need. Pack too little, and you may not have essential items you need for your vacation. Finding a happy medium is easy if you follow a few simple tips.

Pack Clothing that is Appropriate for the Weather

Whether you are going to a sunny beach or on an Alaskan cruise, it's important to pack clothing that is appropriate for the weather. If you are going somewhere with warmer weather, make sure to pack lightweight clothing with airy fabric. It is also a good idea to pack light cardigans for cooler nights, even in warm weather climates. If you are going to be in a cold climate, you will need clothing that will keep you warm, such as thermals and layers.

Pack Light

Avoid packing bulky clothing items. While on vacation, space is limited. When packing your clothing, roll them instead of folding. Not only will you save a lot of room in your suitcase, you will have less wrinkles in your clothing.

Remember the Essentials

It is a given that you will need clothing, shoes, and toiletries. It's usually the smaller items that people tend to forget. If you wear contacts, remember to pack an extra pair just in case. If you need reading glasses, ensure that you don't leave them at home. It's important to pack the medications you take on a regular basis, and make sure that you have enough to last the entire trip, plus an extra week. If you are planning on doing a lot of walking or a special activity, bring comfortable shoes and whatever you will need for your excursion.

Make a Packing Checklist

A packing checklist will take the stress out of packing for your vacation. In addition, it is less likely that you will forget anything. A few weeks before your trip, sit down and write out a list with all of the things you will need. Then mark each item off as you pack it.

Know the Rules and Restrictions on Baggage

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or boat, view the baggage rules and restrictions. You could rack up fees if you have to check bags at the last minute. There are also restrictions on what you can pack in your carry on bag, affecting liquids and other various items. Making sure that you comply with all of the rules will make it easier for you when you are traveling.

Make it a Retirement Adventure to Remember

Consider bringing a camera to document the sights you see, or simply have a tech-savvy son, daughter or grandchild give you some pointers on making the most of your smartphone camera if you have one. Don’t forget a journal too, as writing about your adventures will be a nice keepsake for both you and your family.

And as always, come back to the Village and tell us about where you’ve been! We love hearing travel stories from the members of our Germantown retirement community. We would even be delighted to post some of your travel group’s prized pictures over on our Facebook, where we like to show off all the fun the Villagers have been having!

Safe travels to all, and as always let us know if you’re looking for a new home-base in retirement. We would love to give you a tour of the Village at Germantown!


Vacation During Retirement

AARP is reporting that in 2018, 99% of Baby Boomers were planning to travel for leisure and had approximately 4-5 trips that they were actively planning within a 12-month period. Travel is definitely a top priority for older, retired people who want to see more, experience more, learn more, and just have a good time! However, with planning travel and being away from home, comes stress. Finding your perfect getaway location, coupled with booking flights, managing your budget, and planning your itinerary, can make for stress before you even leave home.

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Then there are the worries that come with leaving your home unattended during your trip. Alarm systems and gated communities are helpful, but they are not a guarantee that your home will remain safe and not a target for thefts and vandalism. When you live in your own home, you also are left with additional tasks to arrange for your trip. Having care for your pets, making sure someone looks in on your home, and finding someone to water your plants are all important factors when it comes to leaving town. Your dream vacation just started to sound like more trouble than it is worth, doesn’t it?

The Advantages of Living in a Life Plan Community

Travel is one of the great joys of life. In fact, many people save up their whole lives, looking forward to retirement as their opportunity to travel. These golden years are meant for exploring, reconnecting with the world around us, and cherishing our lives and those around us. Don’t let the stresses that come with travel hold you back from these experiences. Living in a Life Plan community like The Village at Germantown makes the entire process of traveling easier, from start to finish.

At The Village, we believe that retirement is the time to go places you have dreamed of or to spend time with loved ones who live far away. Because of this belief, our staff is dedicated to every detail of your travel, both before you leave, while you are gone, and when you come home.

How Does The Village Make Traveling Easier?

You may be wondering, what amenities does The Village provide to make my travels easier? Here are just a few ways our staff can help reduce your stress and increase your excitement for your trip:

Before Your Trip

When you are in the planning phase of your trip, the network of people at The Village provides a distinct advantage. Staff members are willing to talk to you about where you want to go, and point you to other residents who have traveled to some of your favorite spots. Talk to these friends and neighbors about their best experiences to create a trip of a lifetime. As you prepare to leave for your trip, many of the on-site facilities at The Village can help you prepare.

✓ Planning to go on a hiking adventure? Build your endurance in our gym.

✓ Need to get checked by a physician before travel? Visit our on-site clinic.

✓ Want to get pampered before you see friends and family? Enjoy our salon for a haircut, manicure and pedicure, or a massage.

Once it's time for your trip, The Village’s staff can arrange transportation to the airport for you to make your trip start with ease. If you have pets, The Village can also arrange help to care for your pet while you are away. Finally, The Village’s staff will make sure you have Wi-Fi working while you are on the road, keeping you connected as you travel.

During Your Trip

While you are gone, all you need to focus on is having a good time! Leave the rest to The Village staff. When you live within our secure facility, that means your home and belongings are under our care. With our full-time maintenance professionals on staff, we are always here to check on your apartment, especially when emergencies happen. If a pipe bursts or other issues occur while you are gone, we can take care of it.

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The Village also has 24-hour, on-site security, along with being a fully gated community, which makes your home even more safe. Another perk of living at The Village is that we recognize the importance of travel and don’t want you to be held back on taking some time away. If you are gone for an extended period of time you may be entitled to a credit on your monthly service fee. There is no need to pay for meals that you are enjoying somewhere else!

After Your Trip

If you have ever gone on a long trip, you know that as soon as you leave your destination, stress can slowly creep in about returning home. With chores that have piled up, it can feel as though you need a vacation from your vacation. However, with The Village’s help, you can come home and simply relax. Our housekeeping staff will keep your residence in tip top condition while you are away.

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Once you come home, you will return to a clean home and even clean sheets! After your trip, you can be sure that plenty of your friends at The Village will want to hear all about your trip. Share pictures, tell stories, and offer your own travel recommendations to those who want to hear them. Our community will be ready to welcome you home and hear all about where you have been.

See the World!

At The Village, we celebrate the interests and hobbies that make our community so unique. Travel is yet another way our residents enrich themselves during this wonderful season of life. Whether you travel around the globe or return to your favorite destination time after time, we want to help you feel calm about making the journey. Hassle-free, worry-free travel is not impossible.

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The team of professionals at The Village are always here to help you and encourage you to check those destinations off your “must-see” list. Interested in learning more about how our community can help you see the world? Schedule a tour of our facility, or talk to a staff member today.



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