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A Tour of the Woodworking Studio

Life doesn’t stop for retirement, and neither should you. Retirement communities today are thriving and exciting locations full of modern amenities and an abundance of activities. When choosing a retirement home for yourself or a loved one, keep in mind whether or not the location offers the opportunity to explore both activities you enjoy and hobbies you’re interested in pursuing.

In addition to keeping your mind sharp, discovering new hobbies and dedicating time to activities you enjoy lowers your stress level and your chances of developing illnesses. In addition to helping you stay fit, staying active through fitness, gardening, and other hobbies can provide long-term positive effects on your mental health as well.

At the Village at Germantown, our goal is to provide ample spaces to help residents explore their creative side. Readers love our large library featuring beloved classics and new releases, gardening enthusiasts spend a great deal of time in our community garden and outdoor spaces, food lovers unite over their shared love of delicious meals in culinary classes, and fitness gurus love our selection of fitness classes and equipment as well as our indoor aerobic pool.


Woodworking Studio

Mr. Moore and Mr. Aronson with wooden crosses created in our woodworking studio to be displayed in Methodist hospitals.

One of the most unique activities offered at the Village at Germantown is woodworking. On any given day, you’ll find beginner woodworkers and experts working side-by-side on projects ranging from gifts for grandchildren to unique, hand-crafted items created to sell to local vendors.


Woodworking 101: Beginner’s Woodworking Tool Kit

The beauty of woodworking is that you only need a few tools to get started. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can incorporate more skills into your work, such as burning words and initials into gifts or creating unique finishes that add character and charm to your work.

The woodworking studio at the Village at Germantown has everything you need to get started and to explore new methods and skills in your woodworking projects. From band saws and table saws to routers and wood burning tools, we’ve got everything you need to complete your next woodworking project.

What You Need to Get Started

Circular Saw

A circular saw, also known as a skill saw, is used to create rough cuts from large pieces of plywood and lumber.


A jigsaw allows you to cut clean or curved lines out of wood, metal, and even plastic materials. Jigsaws are necessary for many projects that include a variety of shapes and sizes.


Routers are used by many types of woodworkers to create unique finishes and details that add value and charm to a variety of projects. Cabinet makers, for example, use routers to create custom detail on edges, and toy makers can create intricate details using a variety of router bits.


A sander is an essential part of any woodworking tool kit. Sanders allow you to polish edges and create smooth textures and prep surfaces for protective varnishes. While sandpaper can be used for smaller projects, you may want to consider using an electric belt sander for larger projects.

Measuring Tools

Measurements are a necessary part of the woodworking process. Since one incorrect measurement can derail an entire project, it’s important to utilize rulers, marking gauges, and other tools to ensure you make the proper cuts for a proper fit.

Wood Glue and C-Clamps

If you’re attaching one piece of material to another, you’ll need wood glue and c-clams to help maintain the bond while the material dries.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is essential when working with saws and other potentially dangerous tools. Safety goggles and dust masks will protect you from dust and debris, steel gloves will protect your hands from saws and other sharp objects, and hearing protection will help guard your ears from the loud noises emitted from saws and other woodworking tools.

The Village Woodshop

Woodworking Projects

Woodworkers at the Village of Germantown range from avid woodworkers whose creations are admired around the country to beginners interested in crafting unique gifts and other items. From toys for grandchildren to gifts for friends, we’ve seen a variety of beautiful items completed in our woodworking shop.

Woodshop Projects
Woodshop Projects

Woodworking Books and Guides

Woodworking Books

The Complete Manual of Woodworking: A Detailed Guide to Design, Techniques, and Tools for the Beginner and Expert

This guide includes nearly 2,000 drawings and illustrations to help you learn the craft of woodworking. The Complete Manual of Woodworking has come to be known as a classic in the industry thanks to detailed, helpful info on various woodworking methods for beginners and experts alike.


Woodworking Books

The Handplane Book

Every woodworking enthusiast needs The Handplane Book in their library. With helpful tips on how to use this versatile tool as well as a history of woodworking tools throughout the world, The Handplane Book is a great gift for anyone interested in the craft.


Woodworking Books

The Tool Book: A Tool Lover's Guide to Over 200 Hand Tools

The Tool Book is your comprehensive guide to every woodworking and hand tool known to man. Whether you’re interested in the history of woodworking or simply looking for tips on how to craft unique features, this guide will be a useful resource.


Woodworking Books

Great Book of Wooden Toys: More Than 50 Easy-To-Build Projects

Whether you’re looking for beginner project for gifts or easy woodworking projects to hone your skills, this book full of easy projects is a must-read.


The Village Woodshop

Mr. Moore and Mr. Aronson with their beautiful wooden trucks / piggy banks created in our woodworking studio.

Exploring Your Creative Side at the Village at Germantown

At the Village at Germantown, creativity is central to everyday life. We believe retirement should be a fun and exciting time dedicated to long-time passions and exploring new hobbies. Our commitment is to provide a creative environment for residents. We offer many creative workshops, studios, and outdoor spaces to help you discover new creative outlets and opportunities. To schedule a private tour of our campus, including our woodworking shop, fitness center, dining areas, library, gardens, and more, give us a call or schedule a tour online today. We can’t wait to show you around.


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