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Calling All Bookworms: 5 Must-Reads to Add to your Summer Reading List

Which amenities are at the top of your list when searching for a retirement community? At The Village at Germantown, residents have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of five-star amenities like our fine-dining restaurant and bar area, relaxing spa, state-of-the-art fitness area with indoor pool, and our library that is home to a collection of new releases and beloved classics.


Independent Living Amenities: Libraries

Few independent living communities in the Memphis area offer state-of-the-art amenities like ours. Our library is one of the largest collections among retirement communities in the Mid-South, and our residents are able to find new releases across every genre, including nonfiction, women’s contemporary fiction, mysteries, suspense and thrillers, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a fun read for afternoon lounging in the sun or you’d like nothing more than to relax with a cozy English mystery and a glass of iced tea or lemonade, we’ve created a Summer Reading Guide featuring several titles found in our very own library.

Spring 2018 Book Releases

This year’s book releases have had critics buzzing for weeks. Check out some of the latest must-reads.

The High Tide Club: A Novel by Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews has long been hailed the Queen of the Beach Reads, and her newest novel set on a secluded island filled with secrets and romance is the perfect summer read for afternoons in the sun. Andrews combines humor and mystery to create the perfect setting and the perfect mystery.

Overview: When a wealthy heiress summons well-known attorney Brooke Trappnell to the island of Talisa to work out the details of her last will and testament, secrets revealing betrayal and a long-unsolved murder come to light. When Josephine dies before her secrets can be revealed, it’s up to Brooke to figure out what really happened decades before on the mysterious secluded island.

Varina by Charles Frazier

From the author of Cold Mountain comes a tale of life amid the chaos and destruction of the Civil War. Varina is historical fiction at its finest.

Overview: When Varina Howell agrees to marry Jefferson Davis, the future leader of the Confederate States, she expects to lead a relatively care-free life as the wife of a wealthy Mississippi landowner. When war erupts and the country, and her marriage, are left in tatters, Varina will have to decide who she is and who she wants to be.

Wallis in Love: The Untold Life of the Duchess of Windsor, the Woman Who Changed the Monarchy by Andrew Morton

In light of the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and his soon-to-be American bride, much talk has revolved around the subject of whether or not a member of the royal British family should marry a divorced member of non-royal society. Believe it or not, it’s not the first time the issue has been raised. Using diary entries, letters, and other primary resources, Morton gives us a glimpse into the divorced American woman who stole the heart of Harry’s great-great uncle, Edward VIII.

Overview: When Wallis Simpson met the future king of England, she was a married American woman who had also been divorced prior to her second marriage. Known for her dalliance with Edward VIII, the only king to ever abdicate the throne in English history, Wallis Simpson has long been regarded as one of the most interesting characters of the royal British family. In Wallis in Love, Andrew Morton explores the woman behind the biggest royal scandal of the 20th century.

More Recent Book Releases

You’ll find several recent releases in The Village at Germantown resident library in circulation. Stop by for a visit today to find your new favorite summer reads or to have a librarian suggest a few titles for you!

Camino Island by John Grisham

Grisham’s latest novel doesn’t disappoint. Booklovers with appreciate the nod to independent bookstores and libraries where most of the action takes place.

Overview: Young novelist Mercer Mann is thrust into the world of crime when a gang of book thieves and an independent bookstore owner set their sights on the Princeton University library’s antique book collection. Mercer soon discovers there’s far more dangerous activity afoot. Will she be able to save the precious collection before it’s too late?

In the Enemy's House: The Secret Saga of the FBI Agent and the Code Breaker Who Caught the Russian Spies by Howard Blum

Howard Blum explores the life of Meredith Gardner and Bob Lamphere, two young FBI operatives who helped infiltrate the secrets of the Russian KGB during the Second World War. This heart-stopping account of real events reads more like a best-selling page-turner than an account of real events.

Overview: In 1946, young FBI linguist and code breaker Meredith Gardner and young FBI supervisor Bob Lamphere were instrumental in cracking the code of the KGB and working together to find and expose the Russian spies infiltrating the American secret service. Blum’s In the Enemy’s House navigates the complex web of Cold War politics and explores the complicated question of, “What could have happened if the Russians plan to use the atomic bomb hadn’t been thwarted by these brave young men?”

Life at The Village at Germantown

To learn more about our many amenities and activities available, including our library, contact us for more information, or schedule a tour today to see for yourself why so many have already chosen to call The Village at Germantown home.


Download The Village at Germantown’s Summer Reading Guide for a list of our recommended summer reading list that doubles as a bookmark.



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