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A Splashing Good Time: Water Aerobics Classes

As we get older, our bodies aren’t what they used to be. They can’t handle the high-impact exercises of our 20’s. In fact, high impact exercise can actually be counterproductive for seniors with conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and other age-related ailments, as they can increase pain and the risk of injury.

However, it’s still important (and recommended) that seniors get 150 minutes of exercise that elevates their heart rate each week. Weakness and poor balance are usually linked to inactivity, not age. While seniors can’t usually just go outside and run a 10K, there are plenty of low impact exercises they can do that will have positive benefits on their health.

A low impact exercise is defined as an exercise where one foot stays in contact with the ground, such as swimming, walking, climbing stairs, the stationary bike, and the elliptical. One of the best workouts for seniors is water aerobics classes.

Benefits of Swimming as a Low Impact Exercise for Seniors

Low impact exercises are great for everyone, especially beginners. They can help to extend your lifespan, as they are great for your health.

Easy On Your Joints

Water aerobics classes are a great way to get in a heart pumping workout, all while reducing your risk of injury. Swimming is not as hard on your body (mainly your joints) as with other exercises. Many elderly people have arthritis, which can make most forms of exercise difficult or painful. Water aerobics can reduce your joint swelling and actually take the stress off of them. This will allow for more freedom of movement without the discomfort that usually comes with exercise.

Can Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Swimming can help to improve your cardiovascular health. Since it works the heart, it can help to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Your resting blood pressure can also see an improvement. Make sure to consult your doctor if you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease before starting any kind of new fitness regimen.

Recovery From Injury or Surgery

Water has long had a reputation for having healing properties. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury, water aerobics is a great workout since it is low impact and takes the stress and pressure off of your joints. Many doctors recommend water therapy to their patients, as it can accelerate your healing process.

Overall Good For Your Health

Swimming is a whole body workout that is good for your health overall. You can usually engage in physical activity for longer in a pool than you can with other low impact exercises. Water aerobics can also help you outside of the water, as it will strengthen the core muscles you use for balance and control, thus decreasing your risk of falls.


Social Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly

Besides all of the health benefits that come with swimming, the social aspect is not to be overlooked. Taking a water aerobics class can not only boost your health, it can boost your morale, confidence, and outlook on life.

Make New Friends

Water aerobics boosts your opportunity to meet new people, which can help to boost your motivation while working out. Seniors can easily get a feeling of loneliness, which can have negative effects on your health. By making new friends, this is easily avoided.

Sense of Belonging

Taking a workout class can help improve your morale and self confidence. It can make you feel like you belong somewhere, even if the class is only held every couple of weeks. It can give you a purpose, as your friends expect you to be there at every class. When you are a part of a group activity, you will learn to support each other, physically and mentally.

Mental Health

Group exercise classes can help with depression and anxiety. They are extremely beneficial for mental health. By taking a water aerobics class, you are not only working on your physical health- you are working on your mental health as well.

Fitness and Wellness at The Village at Germantown

The Village at Germantown offers a wide range of programs to help you stay healthy, active, and young. We offer water aerobics classes in our beautiful pool, allowing you to reap all the benefits that swimming has to offer. View our full activity calendar to see our water aerobics classes, including a variety of other low impact workouts such as tai chi, core fitness and more.

Our goal is to help you have the time of your life by incorporating fitness, social integration, and nutrition into your daily activities. Located in Germantown, TN, we provide the highest quality of retirement living experience to our residents. Visit our community to take a tour, and see for yourself why the Village at Germantown is such a great place to live.


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