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3 Reasons to Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

You may be wondering what a continuing care retirement community has to offer and why individuals choose to live here instead of a traditional retirement community. A continuing care retirement community is comprised of numerous benefits such as accommodations for nursing care, assisted living, and independent living. Our continuing care community works to serve residents in any way possible. Here are 3 reasons to choose The Village at Germantown in your retirement.

Access to Healthcare

Part of creating a comfortable environment in a retirement community is having easy access to healthcare. Individuals moving into a community may have mixed feelings about feeling at home, because they are changing their every day routine. However, at the Village at Germantown, we offer on-site healthcare and plenty of amenities to ensure you can stick to your routine while having access to the healthcare services you need. Providing easy access to healthcare for our residents is one of the many ways we make living in our community feel like home. The Village at Germantown offers residents a variety of healthcare options including:


Licensed therapists are on campus for residents’ therapy needs. Therapists work with each resident based on their unique needs. Therapy offered at The Village at Germantown includes:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical
  • Speech
  • Occupational
  • Intravenous


The Village at Germantown has registered nurses who are there to help care for residents. At the on-site health center, residents can visit for help monitoring their health, appointments for screening, and more. Our nurses are on campus to help you 24/7.


Another healthcare option that The Village offers is short-term rehabilitation. The physicians on campus will work to help you regain strength or mobility, reinforce everyday skills, improve range of motion, and anything else that you may need professional rehabilitation assistance with.

Peace of Mind for You

Your peace of mind is important to the team at The Village at Germantown. Being confident in the safety, environment, and employees in your community is a vital part of making our residents feel at home and secure. The Village offers residents numerous ways to make their new community feel like home.

Independent Living

The Village at Germantown gives guests the opportunity to live independently while still having community. With both apartments and villas on campus, residents have the option of choosing what housing suits their lifestyle the best. Both housing options provide residents with the ability to personalize their new home. Villas and apartments on The Village at Germantown’s campus come with endless benefits and are built to bring comfort to those who live in them.

Guest Activity Opportunities

Living in Germantown is a bonus of its own. There are a multitude of activities to do around town including shopping, dining, golfing, parks, and more. Spending time with the people you love most is important to continue doing while living in a retirement community. Your home at The Village at Germantown even has a guest room that your loved ones can use for the night!

Community Involvement

Moving to a new community can be overwhelming, but The Village at Germantown provides residents with plenty of opportunities to meet others who are living in their community. Residents can stay involved by participating in monthly activities that are scheduled on a monthly calendar. A few of these activities could be:

  • Movie nights
  • Worship service
  • Concert series
  • Supper club

Peace of Mind for Family

When moving your loved one into a retirement community, you may have questions or concerns. At The Village at Germantown, we’re always here to provide peace of mind for residents and their loved ones. We want to continuously reassure friends and family that the residents at The Village at Germantown will be well taken care of and safe during their stay with us.

24-Hour EMT and Security Service

The safety of family members is a concern for almost everyone moving into a retirement community. However, at The Village at Germantown, residents’ families do not have to worry about this aspect of their loved ones’ community. In every residence, we provide our guests with 24-hour security. This includes an emergency call system and Emergency Medical Technician trained staff. Our entire community is also gated and only accessible by being allowed in by a guard.

Dependable Staff

Although the transition to a retirement community can be a difficult time, we want our residents and their families to feel comfortable and at ease when they move their loved ones into their new community. Our staff and board of directors at The Village at Germantown are professional and dependable individuals who have worked in fields that have helped them become successful assets to this community.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Memphis

The Village at Germantown is a continuing care retirement community in Memphis that provides residents with everything they could possibly need in order to be comfortable and healthy. Our team is passionate about caring for the individuals that reside in our community. As a continuing care retirement community, we provide access to on-site healthcare, peace of mind for you, and peace of mind for your family.

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