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4 Exciting Trends in Retirement Communities

4 Trends to Look for in a Retirement Community

There are many reasons to be excited about living in a retirement community, but there are some unique amenities you won’t find just anywhere. At The Village at Germantown, for example, residents enjoy the perks of living in a high-end retirement community that has amenities that you just won’t find in every location. Here are a few trends in retirement community care we offer:

1. Transitional Care

Transitioning into a retirement community can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult. However, our retirement community provides residents with the resources they need to transition easily and comfortably. The Village at Germantown knows that residents seek a sense of comfort when moving into a retirement community. Therefore, they provide residents with many resources that will make their transition easier. The convenience of having on-site professionals to help with transitional care is one of the reasons The Village at Germantown is so special.

On-Site Healthcare

When moving to a retirement community that does not offer on-site healthcare services, it may be difficult to make time for appointments and checkups. Fortunately, The Village at Germantown offers on-site healthcare that allows residents to be cared for through multiple services.


The Village at Germantown has professional and qualified therapists on campus for the convenience of the residents. The following therapy is offered on-site:

  • Speech
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Intravenous

Residents Taking an Aerobic Class in the Indoor Pool at Village at Germantown


Fitness is extremely important and plays a major role in your health. Therefore, The Village at Germantown offers multiple options for residents to partake in fitness activities and opportunities around campus. There are several different ways for residents to stay active and contribute positively to their health and fitness journey. A few ways to stay active at The Village at Germantown include:

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Walking trails
  • Dance class
  • Gardening


The Village at Germantown knows that everyone has a unique set of needs. Short-term rehabilitation services are offered on campus as a way to serve each resident’s individual needs. If you have an accident you need help recovering from, or if you’re in need of additional care, The Village at Germantown provides on-site professionals to make sure your needs are met.

Village at Germantown Villa Home

2. Garden Homes and Apartments

At The Village at Germantown, our garden homes and luxurious apartments are built and maintained to make residents feel comfortable. With multiple amenities, residents have everything that they could possibly need right at their fingertips. Not only are the homes and apartments luxurious inside, but they are also surrounded by beautiful sidewalks and gardens that make the environment more enjoyable and relaxing.

Retirement Community Garden Homes

One unique option of living at The Village at Germantown are the garden homes, also known as villas. While living in a villa, residents enjoy the luxury of independence alongside community. Villa residents are able to live in a neighborhood-like setting at The Village at Germantown while also having a spot to return home to when they need their space. Living in a garden home is very similar to living in a home outside of the community. However, with a garden home, you receive a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Housekeeping Services
  • Fully-Functioning Kitchen
  • Transportation
  • Extra Storage Space
  • 24-Hour EMT and Security Service

Retirement Community Apartments

The apartments at The Village at Germantown provide residents with a space that feels like home. Similar to living in a garden home, living in an apartment allows for you to have independence while staying in a community. There are many apartment floor plans for potential residents to tour and choose from. When moving to The Village at Germantown, residents can also plan updates and upgrades if they desire to ensure their home meets their unique taste and aesthetic.

Movie Theater at Village at Germantown

3. Entertainment

One benefit of living in a high-end retirement community is that there are always activities planned for residents to participate in. It is important for residents to enjoy fellowship with the community around them, and our activities are an easy way to get to know other residents that live in your community. At The Village at Germantown, there are a multitude of ways to get involved in the community.

Monthly Activities

The Village at Germantown offers activities for residents to enjoy daily. From movie and game nights to fashion shows and happy hour celebrations, residents have a variety of activities to enjoy each and every day. Residents can plan their day ahead of time or find an activity to enjoy by viewing the monthly calendar delivered to resident at the beginning of each month. For the convenience of residents, the calendar is color-coded and provides various details of every event. For example, events highlighted in red indicate signing up before the event is necessary. There is also a location key on the calendar so that residents know exactly where to go for a particular event.

Senior Fitness

On-campus fitness centers are a great way for residents in retirement communities to stay active and meet others. At The Village at Germantown, residents can take advantage of enjoying a state-of-the-art fitness center which includes an aerobic indoor pool, a variety of fitness equipment and machinery, and even space for group fitness classes. The Village at Germantown also offers outdoor walking/biking trails, personal training sessions, and more.

Community Activities

Although The Village at Germantown has plenty of options for residents to get involved, they also know that spending time with family is extremely important. The Village at Germantown’s location is perfect for scheduling plans with family members. Within just a few miles, there are so many ways to spend an eventful day with the people you love. Some of those ways include:

  • High-End Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • The Memphis Zoo
  • Golf Courses
  • Community Parks

4. A Sense of Community and Excitement

There’s a misconception that living in a retirement community can be lonely and uncomfortable. However, with the right amenities and accommodations, living in a retirement community can actually be more enjoyable than living in a home without access to these community features.

The Village at Germantown is passionate about providing residents with the best care they need to feel at home. Part of feeling at home in a retirement community is feeling like you belong. With a multitude of activities and opportunities to participate, residents can be sure that they will always feel a sense of community and excitement. There is always something to do and people to see at The Village at Germantown.

Outdoor Garden and Meditation Space at Village at Germantown

Retirement Communities in Germantown

The Village at Germantown offers convenient transitional care, high-end living spaces, endless activity opportunities, and a sense of community and excitement. Residents are sure to feel at home while living at The Village at Germantown.

If you are interested in learning more about our campus, schedule a tour today!


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