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3 Ways to Enjoy a Social Life in Retirement

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Enjoying a Social Life in Retirement

For many, retirement is an exciting time to take advantage of the endless opportunities that come with a social life. With more time to spend with friends and family, there are a multitude of ways to enjoy the time spent in retirement.

Events & Amenities in Retirement Communities

One of the many advantages to living in a retirement community like The Village at Germantown is the opportunity to participate in on and off campus events and amenities provided for residents. Retirement comes with more free time to be spent enjoying a social life. At The Village at Germantown, there are endless opportunities to stay involved for individuals with various types of interests.

Special Events at The Village at Germantown

At The Village at Germantown, residents are provided with a monthly calendar of exciting and upcoming events happening around the community. The staff at The Village are passionate about providing their guests with the best care and opportunities possible. Therefore, there are special events almost every day of the week. From holiday festivities and happy hour soirees to weekly worship services and monthly movie nights, individuals can enjoy spending time and socializing with fellow neighbors at The Village at Germantown. There are a multitude of ways to stay involved on campus with special events like:

  • Pool parties
  • Margarita Mondays
  • BINGO nights
  • Movie showings
  • Concert series
  • Ladies lunches

Community Outings in Germantown

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While relaxing at home and enjoying time spent with loved ones is always a joy, exploring your community and taking a break to enjoy a shopping trip, girls lunch, or dinner with the kids is also a benefit of living in a community like Germantown. A few times a month, our residents can enjoy a day out on the town planned by the staff. With a great location in Germantown, TN, The Village at Germantown has access to a multitude of attractions, dining, and shopping for residents to enjoy and love. A few favorite outings include:

  • Sporting events
  • Restaurant outings
  • Shopping trips
  • Museum tours

Whether you’re a resident of The Village along with a spouse, significant other, or family members or you’re moving to the community to meet others, there are plenty of events to keep you engaged and entertained along with a host of warm and welcoming neighbors.

Continuing Care Facility in Germantown

Because The Village at Germantown is a continuing care retirement community, residents are provided with amenities that other retirement homes may not offer. Individuals can enjoy a list of exclusive amenities that provide them with the opportunity to socialize with others on campus.

Staying Active in Retirement

It’s no surprise that staying active is an important aspect of life. The Village at Germantown offers a variety of ways for residents to stay active while enjoying a social life on campus. Alongside the traditional gym amenities and workout equipment, The Village at Germantown also offers opportunities to stay active such as walking trails, gardening workshops, group fitness classes, personal training sessions, and more.

Guest Rooms

Many of our residents recognize that spending time with friends and family is important. Therefore, many of our residents opt for apartments or villas with guest rooms so that friends and family have the opportunity to visit and enjoy our community. While visiting, family members and friends can partake in a variety of community events and activities and even dine along with their friends and loved ones in any of our restaurants and dining locations.

Dining Service

Everyone loves to enjoy fellowship over good food and good company, and dining at The Village at Germantown does not disappoint. Residents and their guests can spend time socializing over a great meal provided by one of the 3 restaurants located in our community:

  • Monarch Fine Dining Room
  • Cafe Bistro
  • Polo Lounge & Grill

Whether you’re in the mood for an afternoon drink with the guys, dinner with friends and family, or you and your girlfriends want to enjoy a ladies lunch, there’s a dining option for you.

Take Advantage of Local Attractions


One incredible perk of retirement is the time to visit local attractions around town. The Village at Germantown is located in an amazing area with a variety of attractions offering the opportunity to go out with friends and enjoy a day learning and experiencing something new.


Memphis is well-known for its history. With a city full of artists and activists, there is an incredible selection of museums to visit. From rock-n-roll museums to planetariums, residents at The Village at Germantown are not far from a few local museums that offer a variety of exhibits and events, including:

  • Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
  • Mud Island River Park
  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Sharpe Planetarium
  • Stax Museum of American Soul Music


It’s easy to enjoy socializing over a great meal with your favorite people. In the Memphis area, there are many incredible restaurants that offer unique dining experiences.

  • Texas De Brazil
  • Paulette’s
  • Southern Social
  • Rendezvous


With multiple movie theatres, playhouses, and the Memphis Zoo, our community never runs out of things to do and see.

Opportunity to Travel

One of the best perks of retirement is the opportunity to travel. With a more flexible schedule and more time to plan your dream vacation, why not take advantage of retirement to spend more time traveling the world.

Tour Trips

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Trips with tour guides are one of the best ways for those in retirement to travel. This gives individuals the opportunity to learn more about the sights and attractions they will visit along the way. Families with young children choose not to participate in tour trips due to the inconvenience of staying with a group and inability to stop when needed. Therefore, it has become more and more popular for those in retirement to take advantage of tour trips around the world.


With cruises of every theme and destination, retirees can find the perfect package for them. Whether you’re looking for a week long trip with multiple stops in the Caribbean or an exotic and exciting trip along the coasts of Europe, cruises are a great way to relax and enjoy time traveling with your loved ones. In fact, many cruise lines offer discounts and accommodations to retirees.

Retirement Social Life in Germantown

The Village at Germantown knows the importance of a social life during the retirement stage of life. We work to provide our residents with the tips and tools they need to enjoy spending time with friends and family on and off campus. If you’re interested in touring The Village at Germantown, check out our directions resource for the best way to travel here.

To learn more about the accommodations and amenities we offer our residents, visit our website.


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