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What is on your retirement bucket list? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do and see? So many people want to travel during retirement, and we can certainly see why! If you have the extra time and the resources to do so, retirement getaways are excellent for staying active, learning about new places, cultures and history, and just plain having fun with friends and family.

To help Village residents and many others make the most of their retirement adventures, we have a few senior travel tips here on the blog!

Consider Retiree Travel Groups

Because retirement travel is so common, chances are you have some friends or family members who would be interested in joining you on a trip or two, or more! Travel groups for seniors are fun ways to reconnect with old friends as well as make new ones. They also present the opportunity for group travel packages, senior travel deals, and all the cost savings that come with sharing lodging, transportation and other expenses.

Perhaps most importantly, senior travel groups - as long as you know the members before the trip - can be safer than travelling alone or even just as a couple. For instance, there will always be someone in the group to go with you on various outings so you will never be exploring alone in a new place. Also, being with friends means others on the trip know enough about you and your family contact information to assist you if some kind of medical or personal issue should arise while you’re away from home.

Find the Best Retirement Vacation Spots

Once you have joined or started a senior travel club or even just gathered a group of interested friends and family members, it’s time to start planning where you want to go! Return to your bucket list for retirement and think about places you have always wanted to visit, or activities you enjoy that are even more fun in another climate, state or even country.

senior traveling | travel ideas for seniors | The Village at Germantown

If you love going for long walks, somewhere warm with a sandy beach might be nice. If you like to sit by the fire and engage in good conversation, a snowy lodge might feel just right.

For more trip ideas, you may want to peruse retirement travel blogs such as Home Free Adventures, More Time to Travel, and Adventures of Empty Nesters, or ask around among retired friends and family to hear first hand about the best places to explore during your golden years.

Experts at the Travel Channel have even made a list of the Best Retirement Getaways in 2015 that includes Belgium, Cinque Terre (Italy), Beaufort (South Carolina), the Western National Parks, Paris, Alaskan cruises, Aspen (Colorado), and Naples (Florida).

Wherever you go, it’s also important to consider your health needs when picking a retirement vacation spot. Look into (or ask a travel agent about) transportation options in the area if you’re not prepared to walk long distances. If you’re taking a longer vacation and have the need for certain physical therapy equipment or medications, make sure those will be accessible for you.

If you have dietary restrictions and are planning an all-inclusive trip, check ahead with staff to make sure your needs can be accommodated at mealtimes. Of course, if you have any questions about your ability to travel, it’s best to check with your physician for individualized advice. After all, vacations are supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating, so you wouldn’t want your trip to have the opposite effect!

Make it a Retirement Adventure to Remember

Consider bringing a camera to document the sights you see, or simply have a tech-savvy son, daughter or grandchild give you some pointers on making the most of your smartphone camera if you have one. Don’t forget a journal too, as writing about your adventures will be a nice keepsake for both you and your family.

And as always, come back to the Village and tell us about where you’ve been! We love hearing travel stories from the members of our Germantown retirement community. We would even be delighted to post some of your travel group’s prized pictures over on our Facebook, where we like to show off all the fun the Villagers have been having!

Safe travels to all, and as always let us know if you’re looking for a new home-base in retirement. We would love to give you a tour of the Village at Germantown!

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