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Senior Safety During the Summer

Summertime in Germantown, TN brings many fun traditions, exciting events, and lush gardens. However, these staples of summertime bring more time outdoors, creating more room for accidents and harm for people of all ages.

For older people in particular, the summer heat, increased activity, and appearance of seasonal allergies and bugs can have a detrimental effect on health and wellness. Whether you are a caregiver, a family member, or just an older, independent person seeking tips on beating the heat, The Village knows the Germantown summertime well, and has a few tips to help navigate the season during this season of life!

Here are four important ways to stay safe and healthy during the summer months:

1. Choose Hydrating Foods

While it is important to keep water handy through the summer months, beverages are not the only way you can stay hydrated!

The following foods can supplement your water intake, allowing you to feel fresh and hydrated all day:

  • Vegetables, such as cucumbers, celery, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and peppers
  • Fruits, such as melons, berries, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, and pineapple
  • Sweet treats like popsicles, smoothies, yogurt, and Jell-O

Our residents at The Village can choose from these and more hydrating options, with the help of our staff nutrition experts and our excellent dining choices.

2. Avoid Bugs, Bites, and Burns

Being outside in the summertime opens us all to more skin problems. As we age, our skin can become more sensitive and more susceptible to burns and even disease. Plus, the increased number of bugs outside makes bites and stings much more common.

To stay ahead of summertime burns and bites, keep the following items handy, either in your home, car, or when traveling:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • A hat or umbrella to block the sun
  • Hydrocortisone cream for itchy skin and bites
  • Band aids

Also, regular skin care and maintenance can improve the overall look and feel of your skin. At The Village, our spa services allow residents to feel rejuvenated and for their skin to feel nourished and cleansed.

If you are a resident at The Village, you also have access to our on-site medical team. For any skin issues or signs or abnormal coloring or markings, you can talk to our doctors about potential skin diseases that may arise.

3. Try New Indoor Activities

Beating the heat may mean staying inside more often, but it also is an opportunity to try new things! Whether you want to try out a new form of exercise, become a movie buff, or start a new hobby that will occupy you all year long, there are so many ways you can stay busy while staying inside.

Here are some of our favorite activities at The Village that are perfect for indoor fun:

  • Movie nights – grab a bag of popcorn and a friend
  • Artistic activities, such as painting, drawing, knitting, or woodworking
  • Games, like poker, BINGO, bridge, or Wii bowling
  • Book clubs, either our scheduled Bible Studies or a book club among friends
  • Exercise classes, ranging from yoga to water aerobics

By trying something new, you can find a new passion and make new friends.

4. Soak Up the Beauty – In Moderation

While there is plenty to do inside, we know how active and fun summertime can – and should! – be. If you choose to get out and explore what is happening in the community, just remember to take breaks and know your limits.

Here are a few guiding tips for when you are out in the heat:

  • Keep a watch or timer (even on a cell phone) handy, and only allow a maximum of 30 minutes at a time outdoors
  • Go inside for breaks as needed
  • Keep a water bottle, squirt bottle, or handheld fan with you
  • If you feel yourself getting dizzy or woozy, sit down and tell someone who is with you. Go inside, rest, and keep a cold compress on your forehead or neck to cool off.

Every summer we hear about heat related illnesses, injuries, and more serious casualties. If you are caring for an older person in your family, make sure you know the signs of someone who is overheated (flushed skin, dizziness, trouble walking, sweating, confusion, irregular heartbeat, faintness, or agitation).

For residents at The Village, one of our favorite ways to enjoy the summer is to stroll the gardens, watch the colorful sunset, or pull up a chair on the patio on Margarita Monday! Summertime is meant to be enjoyed for its laidback fun; and that’s what we do best at The Village.

A Helping Hand at The Village

As we age, our bodies can have different reactions to activities we once enjoyed. It is an important reminder, especially in the Memphis heat, to take measures to care for your body, skin, and heart through the summer months.

At The Village, our staff is here to help residents choose the best activities, regulate their time outside, find balanced dining options, and more. We understand that summer can be packed with fun, but it also an opportunity to slow down and discover new things you love.

Interested in learning more about life at The Village, including the activities residents enjoy each day? Contact us to learn more.


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