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Fitness For All: Exercise at The Village

As we age, our bodies tend to slow down over time. Whether because of health issues, aches and pains, or limited mobility, many older adults lose interest in exercise.

In fact, according to findings reported by the National Center for Health Statistics, only 32% of senior citizens across the country exercise daily. Despite this low percentage, we all know how beneficial exercise can be to improve both your body and mind. Plus, studies show that the more active you are, the more active you will be able to stay in the years ahead.

At The Village at Germantown, we recognize how important exercise is for overall health and well-being. That’s why we offer exercise classes, fun activities, and resources to keep all of our residents feeling their best.

Read along to learn more about the variety and excitement our community provides each day at The Village!

Fitness Classes at The Village

As we age, the need to better our health, grow stronger, and increase mobility is more important than ever. Through exercise and a good diet, our cardiovascular health improves, warding off issues like obesity and heart disease.

However, we know that motivation for exercise can be difficult. For those of us at The Village, though, it’s easier to get active when we have a community of friends surrounding and supporting us!

As part of our monthly calendar, we include scheduled fitness classes for our residents to attend. Whether you come with a friend or make friends in the class, it’s a great way to get fit, stay strong, and brighten your mood!

Here are just a few of the classes we offer:

  • Tai Chi
  • Aerobics
  • Stretch & Flex
  • Chair Yoga
  • Balance Class
  • Water Aerobics

Along with these classes, residents can also enjoy our fitness center to exercise independently or with the help of our staff.

Taking Care of Your Body

While we encourage our residents to get moving, we also know the importance of a little TLC. If you exercise and end up feeling sore or, even worse, hurt yourself, our staff is here to help.

Our wellness clinic is open for residents to come by and discuss any issues with a doctor. Even if residents just want to discuss starting a new exercise routine with a doctor, the wellness clinic is open!

Along with the wellness clinic, the podiatry clinic can take a look at particularly aches and pains from being on feet. Whether stress from exercise or pains from issues like diabetic neuropathy, the podiatry team can get residents back on their feet.

Additionally, services like our massage therapy and our salon give a little pampering. Whether having a massage or a manicure and pedicure, these little touches make residents feel better and more relaxed.

Exercise Doesn’t Have to be Boring!

At The Village, exercise is anything but boring. There are so many ways to stay active in ways that are fun and social!

For instance, our weekly Wii Bowling tournaments are a great way to unwind, while getting in needed exercise. Other events like line dancing keep residents moving, mingling, and making friends.

Even if residents prefer some quiet time, the grounds at The Village are a beautiful place to go for a walk. Getting out to enjoy the sunshine and explore the gardens, while getting in some steps, is good for the mind, body, and soul.

The Village Staff: Here To Help

With a staff of healthcare professionals from a variety of fields, The Village at Germantown helps residents work towards their health goals.

Whether residents want to eat better, improve their physical health, reduce anxiety and stress, or find ways to make friends, our exercise and nutrition experts provide guidance and encouragement.

The beauty of beginning a new exercise routine at The Village is that residents can start small and have a network of friends and staff members help them stay accountable to progress. Thanks to our great community, it is easy to stay active, healthy, and engaged.

Want to learn more about the health and nutrition services offered at The Village? Contact us today.


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