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Our Tips to Stay Cool in the Germantown Summer Heat

While the warm sunshine, beautiful hydrangea blooms, and summer family fun make this season a favorite for many, it’s important to be mindful of rising temperatures and humidity in Germantown. Especially if coupled with certain health challenges, summer weather can bring risks like dehydration, sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Here at the Village at Germantown though, we have plenty of opportunities and ideas to help our residents stay healthy and cool while still enjoying all that summertime has to offer.

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Although a chilled soft drink or frozen margarita can be a great cold treat on a hot summer day, caffeine and alcohol can actually contribute to dehydration, so it’s important to also drink plenty of water throughout the day. To really stay hydrated, try to drink water even before you get thirsty. That’s exactly what our hydration cart is for!

To mix things up, you can also enjoy fruits with high water content like watermelon and strawberries. It’s also important to talk to your physician about how you individually can stay hydrated considering your specific health needs.

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Prepare Yourself for the Heat

Try to limit outdoor activities to early morning or evening times, when the sun and temperature haven’t reached their peaks. When you do venture outside, check the weather to make sure there aren’t heat index warnings. Then make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and bug spray, and wear thin, loose, light-colored clothing, along with sunglasses to protect your eyes and a hat to keep your face out of the sun.

Luckily, fun floppy hats never go out of style for the ladies, and most gentlemen don’t have to be told twice to sport their favorite baseball cap or bucket hat in the summer. What’s more, if you take a small spray bottle or hand held fan outside to cool off with, you just might be the most popular person around!

It’s also best to find some shade and take breaks from outdoor activities, both of which are easy to do when you’re out in one of our many courtyard spaces and never too far from a shaded seating area or a little air conditioning. If you should start to feel the effects of heat in any way, please don’t hesitate to call or visit our healthcare providers and let those around you know you’re not feeling well.

Stay Cool at Your Germantown Retirement Community

To keep your apartment or villa cooler, keep curtains or blinds closed and lights off in rooms you’re not using, and prepare cooler foods like salads and smoothies that won’t give off a lot of heat in the kitchen. As far as summer activities, there are plenty going on inside here at the Village, and that includes indoor exercises to replace the usual afternoon walk outdoors when it’s too hot to continue it.

retirement community | germantown retirement | The Village at Germantown
retirement community | germantown retirement | The Village at Germantown
retirement community | germantown retirement | The Village at Germantown

Enjoy an air conditioned walk instead on the indoor walking path in our wellness center, try a low-impact exercise class like chair yoga or water aerobics, or cool off watching a movie in our theater or joining the book club. All of that being said, if you’re a resident with another idea for a fun indoor summer activity, let us know and we’ll see how we can help you organize it!

See Summertime at the Village!

If you or your loved one is considering joining us here at the Village, now is a great time to come for a tour! Our green spaces are exceptionally beautiful right now, and our community is bustling all summer long.

We still have room for more reservations in our upcoming independent living expansion, and we are more than happy to get you on the waiting list for other living spaces. We encourage you to make visiting the Village a part of your summer plans!


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