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New Additions For The New Year: The Village In 2017

Village at Germantwon Expansion

As we welcome another new year at The Village at Germantown, we are excited for and inspired by the many new additions we will welcome in 2017! 

If you are a resident here or have been to visit us recently, you know too well that our facility has been undergoing some changes. Significant construction has taken place, allowing us to open several new buildings this year, and also update and expand upon some of our favorite spaces.

What can you expect from us in the year ahead? Read along to learn more about our most exciting updates, all of which make life better for our wonderful residents.

New Construction Projects

Over the past few months, construction has been underway at The Village, creating new spaces for our residents to relax and be rejuvenated. Here are some of the projects we are currently building and look forward to sharing with our community in 2017:

Fitness Building

Our new two-level fitness building responds to the popular demand from our residents for more fitness and wellness opportunities. The first floor of the building will be filled with all new gym equipment, which is complete with the latest in gym technology. For instance, residents will be able to check-in on exercise equipment with scannable wristbands, used for tracking their equipment settings and progress towards fitness goals.

The second floor (accessible by stairs or elevator) will have a large aerobics room for fitness classes. Currently, The Village’s residents love our classes so much that we do not have space for everyone! This new addition will expand our successful fitness classes and have room for everyone.

Private Dining Room

The expansion of a private dining room allows residents to reserve private dining space, which can be used for special occasions, parties, family gatherings, and more.

Multi-Purpose Room

Since the interests and beliefs of our residents are just as varied and unique as the residents themselves, we need a new space that can be flexible for a wide range of uses. The multi-purpose room will be an open area for internal, non-denominational religious services, small group meetings, community club meetings, and a myriad of other community interests and needs.

New Expansions and Growth

Village at Germantwon Expansion

While the new construction is always exciting, our current community buildings are ripe with opportunity to make The Village feel like home. By expanding upon what our residents love, we can make The Village a place our residents enjoy even more.

Take a look at the expansions that are planned for this year:

Bar & Bistro Expansion

We can all agree that a bar expansion is a good idea, right? Our plans to expand the bar and bistro allow more guests to socialize and enjoy meals in a comfortable, casual atmosphere. Additionally, we are creating an outdoor area off the bistro, a patio with a pergola, for residents to enjoy on nice days. This fall, you are sure to find residents under the pergola on Margarita Monday!

Auditorium Expansion

For events like our annual Christmas talent show, our auditorium cannot currently hold all of our residents and their guests. With the expansion, our auditorium will have room for the whole family.

Clinic Expansion

One of the assets that sets The Village apart from other communities is our on-site clinic. With doctors from Methodist Hospital, we provide care to our residents, quickly and conveniently. In the new year, we will triple the size of our clinic, expanding the wait room, storage, and treatment areas.

For many people who come to live at The Village, they may be in need of a primary care physician. Nearly 65% of our residents use the on-site physicians for their primary care and, with the expansion, these physicians will be available 5 days a week. Not only do these doctors keep our residents feeling their best, but they also give peace of mind to loved ones.

Woodshop Expansion

Another highlight of living at The Village is the opportunity for discovering creative outlets and new hobbies. With residents interested in building and making items of their own, an expansion to the woodshop became a necessity!

Healthcare Expansion

While this addition has already been completed, we are so proud of all the great upgrades that have come from it. The expanded healthcare center includes a rehabilitation area, offering physical, speech, and occupational therapy. The skilled nursing and rehab area now offers 50 beds (rather than 30), 32 suites (instead of 14), and 16 suites in the memory care wing (instead of 8). Also, the new adult daycare program is up and running, with great success.

New Housing

Village at Germantwon Expansion

One of the most anticipated additions to The Village’s campus is our new housing development, known as Phase 3. You can learn all about Phase 3 in our recent blog.

The new building is filling up quickly, but there is still room for those interested in moving into a brand new place to call home. For new residents, another advantage of moving into our Phase 3 housing is that you will completely avoid the current wait list that is in place for moving into The Village’s community. If you are interested in learning more about Phase 3 and all of the exciting details, give us a call today.

And – Of Course – New Residents!

The Village at Germantown is a true community because of the residents who call it home. We continue to build, grow, and increase our services because we listen to our residents and create an environment that reflects their interests, ideas, and individual spirits.

If you or a loved one are interested in coming home to The Village, we would love to discuss what we have to offer. Call us today to come in for a tour and to learn more about current housing opportunities.

With all of these new updates, additions, and friends at The Village, we know that 2017 is going to be a great year for us all. Happy New Year, and we hope you come for a visit soon!

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