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Is a Retirement Community the Right Choice for Your Family?

Our goal at The Village at Germantown is to provide you with a lifetime home, a wonderful address where you can truly have the time of your life. Here, you can follow a seamless path of wellness incorporating physical fitness, nutrition, and social integration – essential components for successful aging.

Making the decision whether or not to move into retirement living is one choice that every aging individual must make. Often times this decision is made with family members and is based on no one single factor, but rather a span of factors that can not be taken lightly.

Whether you are looking for a full time care community for your aging parents or making the decision for yourself, weighing the benefits of family care versus residential care can be tedious. Below is a list of several things to consider when choosing if a retirement facility is for you.

Distance to Family

Do you or your loved one live within distance of family or a willing caretaker? Is that person going to be available should a problem arise or when assistance is needed? Having someone close to help, no matter what the circumstances, is sometimes a major factor in choosing one's care. If no immediate network of caretakers is available, a retirement community is a great option. Around-the-clock care and specially trained staff are always available to help in a resident's time of need.

In addition to the exceptional care that can be provided by the facility, residents often feel more comfortable discussing medical history and treatment with a clinical staff who can see that they receive the proper care. This takes away any feelings of shame or hopelessness that an older individual may feel as they require more assistance in daily tasks.

Activity Level

As we age, our activity levels can decrease at differing rates. Evaluating the social desires of the resident will indicate how active they prefer to be. If this level of activity is not suitable for their living arrangements, a retirement facility may be just the ticket. An active retirement facility such as The Village at Germantown has a daily schedule of activities available to residents who like to get involved. From swimming and exercise activities to music and art classes, there are several options to socialize, get active and engage within the community.

While there are many group activities available at our community, sometimes residents prefer less organized groups and more free time. We have several self-guided options at The Village from a theater to a pub and lush gardens and outdoor spaces. Finding a place that matches your desired activity level is important for maintaining your level of health and keeping you feeling young, agile and vibrant.

Level of Care

Are you close to family, but feel as though you don't want to burden family members with the level of care you require? A retirement community is a great option for receiving the care you need without sacrificing quality of life for you or your loved ones. On-site specialists and transportation options give you a full range of care options that will allow you to continue your healthcare plan without straining family members.

The Village has a complete team of therapists, nurses and physicians to assist with any healthcare needs. Private rooms and private bathrooms offer a completely confidential setting, and we have specialists in place to offer a wide range of service for patients with needs that include rehabilitation, assisted living and memory care.

The Village at Germantown's quality of care is unparalleled and can provide the sense of security you need for yourself or your aging family member. If you would like to contact a Village at Germantown Administrator for more information, fill out our information request page. To see what's happening inside our community, follow us on Facebook.


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