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5 Reasons Germantown is a Great Place to Retire in TN

With its quaint small town charm paired with close proximity to the metropolitan area of Memphis, Germantown, TN is truly the best of both worlds. For many different reasons, this city is a common choice for people searching for retirement communities in Tennessee. Here at the Village, we’re very proud to provide high quality retirement living, and in this post we want demonstrate how living in Germantown creates an unparalleled retirement experience for our residents.

The Location of a Germantown Retirement Community

With warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine in this part of the country, the Mid-South has the comfortable climate many individuals seeks for retirement living. But it’s not just the weather that makes Germantown a great place to retire in Tennessee.

In particular, if your family is native to area, then chances are high that Germantown is a relatively convenient location for them visit. Whether your children and grandchildren live in Memphis proper, Cordova, Collierville or another nearby town or suburb in the Mid-South, they’re never too far of a drive away if you’re living in Germantown.

The Charming Culture of Germantown

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Germantown’s culture is its equestrian roots. Home to the Germantown Charity Horse Show and many other equestrian events that take place on the Charity grounds, horseback riding is a piece of Germantown history that is still flourishing today.

Germantown Horses

Along with beautiful barns and pasture land throughout town, unique horse statues greet visitors at many locations and businesses in Germantown. In fact, our own “Liberty” is part of this group of art pieces that were painted by local artists and auctioned off for charity to the public in 2008.

Those living in Germantown also enjoy a number of community events, including the Germantown Festival, the family 4th of July fireworks display, the Germantown Holiday Parade, and activities at the Germantown Athletic Club.

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The historically charming, family-friendly character contributes to a close-knit feeling of community in this city of less than 40,000. Germantown takes pride in its peaceful nature, high safety ratings and quick emergency response times. Feeling generally at ease is one of the greatest benefits to retirement living in Germantown.

Germantown Community Members

Plenty of Things to Do in Germantown

Outdoor activities abound in Germantown, as the city boasts upwards of 700 acres of public parks in addition to the beautiful private Village grounds. For Village residents and their families, a walking path, picnic spot or children’s play area is never far away.

This city is also home to a wide variety of churches and other faith communities, so it’s easy for Village residents to maintain a spiritual lifestyle. In fact, our Germantown retirement community provides transportation each Sunday to Germantown Methodist Church.

While living at the Village, you’re just around the corner from a wide selection of dining options in Germantown, in addition to our own community’s Monarch Dining Room, Cafe Bistro and Polo Lounge & Grille. Check out the City of Germantown’s restaurant guide to see for yourself! Also take note that living outside the Memphis city limits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great bbq. After all, the Germantown Commissary never disappoints!

The shopping in Germantown is some of the finest in the Mid-South, with one of the highlights being the expanding collection of quality retailers at the Shops of Saddle Creek. Germantown also has a vibrant arts culture for everyone to enjoy, as the Germantown Performing Arts Center hosts a wide variety of performances and art exhibits. Additionally, various municipal locations feature interesting sculptures that are interchanged annually as part of the Germantown Public Art Walk.

In addition to joining family and friends to shop, dine and enjoy art in Germantown, Village residents also have the opportunity to sign up for special community outings and ride our shuttle to experience restaurants, stores and performances throughout Germantown and Memphis.

Welcome to Germantown Sign

People Love Living in Germantown

When the City of Germantown administered its 2015 community survey, 99% of respondents said their city was a good or excellent place to live. Specifically, the image, reputation, cleanliness, maintenance, government services and water quality of Germantown all received satisfaction percentages in the mid to upper 90’s.

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In fact, 90% of respondents were so pleased with their community that they believed they would still be living in Germantown in 5 years. Those who live here know best, and clearly they’re likely to tell you that they’re happy with living in Germantown.

Our Germantown Retirement Community is Growing!

It’s an excellent time to retire in Tennessee and consider living in Germantown because the Village is currently building brand new apartments! We invite you to take a look at the various one, two and three bedroom floor plans here on our website, and then get in touch with us today to take a tour, secure priority pricing, reserve your place, and start customizing your future home in Germantown.


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