Resident Council

The Village at Germantown Resident Council

The primary purpose of the Resident Council is to represent the interests of all residents living under the terms of a Residency and Care Agreement by acting in an organizing and advisory capacity to The Village at Germantown managing staff, and to serve as an informational source to the Village at Germantown, Inc. Board of Directors.  Emphasis is placed upon those issues which residents think most important. An additional purpose is to administer other matters that are necessary for the good and welfare of the residents.

The Council is comprised of nine members elected at large from The Village in its entirety. Council member elections are held in March each year on a date determined by the Resident Council.  There are no term limit restrictions on residents running for election to the Council.

The 2020 Resident Council members are: 

John Adamson, Chairman
Jerry Klein, Vice Chairman
Diane Clarke, Secretary
Dan Norton, Treasurer
Joyce Avery, Welcome Committee
Nancy Bogatin, Dining Committee
Don Harrington, Dining Committee
Jack Henton, Building & Grounds Committee
Rick Paskowitz, Wellness Committee
Bettye Weathersby, Activities Committee

A copy of all monthly minutes and the annual financial report are archived in the Village Library.

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