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Stronger With Age: The Wonders Of Rehabilitation

Seniors using rehab equipment

The Village at Germantown is not just a community where residents explore hobbies, make friends, and enjoy their golden years; it is also a place for growth.

Many of our residents come to live with us after experiencing a health scare, and are seeking assisted living or simply some rehabilitation programs that can help them grow stronger by the day. Or, our independent living residents seek preventative exercise and care to keep their bodies healthy and feeling great.

Whether our residents seek physical rehabilitation, various therapies, pain management, or care from our nursing staff, The Village offers various levels of service and care to keep our residents in shape, and their families at peace with the care they receive. Here are just a few ways that The Village enriches the mind, body, and spirit of each resident:

Rehabilitation Services and Therapy Programs

Older man in physical therapy session

As our bodies and minds age and change, the need for rehabilitation and therapy services increases. Living a long, healthy life includes maintaining and caring for all aspects of yourself, physically and emotionally. At The Village, we have specialists from the Methodist Healthcare system who bring rehabilitation programs to our community. Their expertise is making progress for patients through effective, incremental steps over time.

Physical therapy addresses the pain and decreased movement patients endure, typically after a medical problem. Injuries, surgeries, and major health issues – such as strokes or heart attacks – can result in physical therapy treatment. Various stretches, movements, exercises, and strengthening techniques create increased mobility, more energy, and a return to your body’s former functioning.

Occupational therapy helps patients with activities of daily living. These activities include bathing, dressing, grooming and self care, and more to help patients achieve independence in these tasks. Similar to physical therapy, occupational therapists work with patients repeatedly over a course of time to become more adept in caring for themselves.

Speech therapy is often implemented after a stroke occurs, when a patient has trouble speaking, swallowing, or articulating correctly. Speech therapists work with patients to regain control, focusing on facial, tongue, and throat muscles to improve overall function for interaction, eating, and drinking.

Not only are these therapies for the body important to residents, but so are our therapies for mental and emotional troubles. Sadly, many of our residents face feelings of loneliness as friends, spouses, and family members pass away, leaving them to cope with many emotions. Through therapy, our residents can have someone to talk to, to receive guidance from, and to learn how to move forward constructively.

Retirement and aging produces many changes in a person’s life, and our rehabilitation services at The Village can assist in the transition.

Comfortable, Healthy Living

Physical and emotional well-being can come in many forms. At The Village, our package of standard amenities for independent and assisted living residents makes for comfortable, healthy living every day. After working through various rehabilitation programs and other exercise, residents can retire to comfortable rooms.

Our apartments are large, updated, and have plenty of touches to make residents feel truly at home. These homes are the perfect place for restoring, resting, and recuperating from any pains or illnesses.

Outside of personal rooms, communal areas provide opportunities for building relationships with others. Bonding over healthy meals, group exercise classes, and social events keep residents engaged and alert. With healthy lifestyle choices offered in every aspect of life at The Village, residents are put on a path to true, lasting wellness.

A Little Pampering Goes A Long Way

The Village recognizes the importance of healthy choices to strengthen your mind and body; however, little indulgences are the spice of life! That’s why The Village offers perks that make life more enjoyable each day.

If you take a tour of our facility, you will be surprised by the number of amenities that are fun and relaxing options for residents. For instance, you may walk into our beauty salon and barber shop to see someone getting a haircut or enjoying a pedicure. You can take a step into our movie theatre, which hosts film screenings and even includes its own popcorn machine for snacking during movie time! In various communal rooms, you will see tables of friends playing card games or chatting over stitching in the craft room. As always, you can find a group of residents enjoying happy hour at our bar – especially for Margarita Mondays!

There are also opportunities for quiet reflection, as residents can enjoy our library, our hosted religious services, or moments of solitude in our beautiful gardens. No matter how a resident enjoys spending their time, there is an option for rejuvenation and fulfilment at The Village.

Growing Stronger, Year After Year

The Village recognizes that after a long life, many residents just want to do what makes them feel good and happy. With the help of our specialists, chefs, nurses, and other staff members, our residents can ease into our community, and then grow stronger with each passing day.

To learn more about the rehabilitation and healthy living services that The Village at Germantown provides to its residents, contact us today. We would love to give more details about our community and how we may be a good fit for you or a loved one.


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