Traveling Made Easy During Retirement

AARP is reporting that in 2016, 99% of Baby Boomers were planning to travel for leisure and had approximately 4-5 trips that they were actively planning within a 12-month period. Travel is definitely a top priority for older, retired people who want to see more, experience more, learn more, and just have a good time!

However, with planning travel and being away from home, comes stress. Finding your perfect getaway location, coupled with booking flights, managing your budget, and planning your itinerary, can make for stress before you even leave home.

Then there are the worries that come with leaving your home unattended during your trip. Alarm systems and gated communities are helpful, but they are not a guarantee that your home will remain safe and not a target for thefts and vandalism.

When you live in your own home, you also are left with additional tasks to arrange for your trip. Having care for your pets, making sure someone looks in on your home, and finding someone to water your plants are all important factors when it comes to leaving town.

Your dream vacation just started to sound like more trouble than it is worth, doesn’t it?

The Advantages of Living in a Life Plan Community

Travel is one of the great joys of life. In fact, many people save up their whole lives, looking forward to retirement as their opportunity to travel. These golden years are meant for exploring, reconnecting with the world around us, and cherishing our lives and those around us. Don’t let the stresses that come with travel hold you back from these experiences.

Living in a Life Plan community like The Village at Germantown makes the entire process of traveling easier, from start to finish. At The Village, we believe that retirement is the time to go places you have dreamed of or to spend time with loved ones who live far away. Because of this belief, our staff is dedicated to every detail of your travel, both before you leave, while you are gone, and when you come home.

How Does The Village Make Traveling Easier?

You may be wondering, what amenities does The Village provide to make my travels easier? Here are just a few ways our staff can help reduce your stress and increase your excitement for your trip:

Before Your Trip

When you are in the planning phase of your trip, the network of people at The Village provides a distinct advantage. Staff members are willing to talk to you about where you want to go, and point you to other residents who have traveled to some of your favorite spots. Talk to these friends and neighbors about their best experiences to create a trip of a lifetime.

As you prepare to leave for your trip, many of the on-site facilities at The Village can help you prepare. Planning to go on a hiking adventure? Build your endurance in our gym. Need to get checked by a physician before travel? Visit our on-site clinic. Want to get pampered before you see friends and family? Enjoy our salon for a haircut, manicure and pedicure, or a massage.

Once it is time to leave for your trip, The Village’s staff can arrange transportation to the airport for you to make your trip start with ease. If you have pets, The Village can also arrange help to care for your pet while you are away. Finally, The Village’s staff will make sure you have Wi-Fi working while you are on the road, keeping you connected as you travel.

And just like that – you are ready to travel!

During Your Trip

While you are gone, all you need to focus on is having a good time! Leave the rest to The Village staff.

When you live within our secure facility, that means your home and belongings are under our care. With our full-time maintenance professionals on staff, we are always here to check on your apartment, especially when emergencies happen. If a pipe bursts or other issues occur while you are gone, we can take care of it. The Village also has 24-hour, on-site security, along with being a fully gated community, which makes your home even more safe.

Another perk of living at The Village is that we recognize the importance of travel and don’t want you to be held back on taking some time away. If you are gone for an extended period of time you may be entitled to a credit on your monthly service fee. There is no need to pay for meals that you are enjoying somewhere else!

After Your Trip

If you have ever gone on a long trip, you know that as soon as you leave your destination, stress can slowly creep in about returning home. With chores that have piled up, it can feel as though you need a vacation from your vacation.

However, with The Village’s help, you can come home and simply relax. Our housekeeping staff will keep your residence in tip top condition while you are away. Once you come home, you will return to a clean home and even clean sheets!

After your trip, you can be sure that plenty of your friends at The Village will want to hear all about your trip. Share pictures, tell stories, and offer your own travel recommendations to those who want to hear them. Our community will be ready to welcome you home and hear all about where you have been.

See the World!

At The Village, we celebrate the interests and hobbies that make our community so unique. Travel is yet another way our residents enrich themselves during this wonderful season of life. Whether you travel around the globe or return to your favorite destination time after time, we want to help you feel calm about making the journey.

Hassle-free, worry-free travel is not impossible. The team of professionals at The Village are always here to help you and encourage you to check those destinations off your “must-see” list.

Interested in learning more about how our community can help you see the world? Schedule a tour of our facility, or talk to a staff member today.

Posted by Diana Ramirez at 7:25 AM

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