Covid-19 Protocol 

June 26, 2020

Your team at The Village has been planning, preparing and responding to the threat of disease from the coronavirus pandemic since the earliest reports of illness at senior living centers in Washington State at the first of the year.  As a result, we have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (“PPE”).  All employees are required to wear the applicable equipment at all times.  We screen employees, residents, contractors and vendors before they are allowed to enter the building.  

We have conducted testing of our employees and significant contractors bi-weekly.  Beginning this week, we will conduct testing on a weekly basis.  This weekly testing will identify a COVID infection much more quickly and reduce the risk of exposure and disease.  To date, we have completed five rounds of this mass testing.

We tested 309 employees and significant contractors on Wednesday, June 24.  Two tested positive for COVID.  One employee had not worked since June 11, so there is absolutely no risk of exposure.  The other, who is now in quarantine at home, has worked recently and only in Independent Living areas.  However, the person had virtually no contact with residents and we are not aware of any needed quarantines of residents.  The employee did have brief interactions with other employees while wearing proper PPE.  We are tracing this person’s contacts to ensure that no other employees need to be quarantined.  The two positive tests above are the only ones we have had since May 1.

Unless we contact you, we have no reason to believe you have been exposed to the virus.  We will immediately notify you and our associates of any possible exposure to COVID if and when we become aware of it. 

The Village continues to follow enhanced infection control practices and protocols as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and federal, state and local health and governmental agencies, because maintaining the health, wellness, and safety of our residents and associates is our number one priority.  Residents are monitored closely and tested as deemed appropriate. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, nine of our Skilled Nursing unit residents tested positive.  Some had been in and out of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  Five passed away and four recovered.  A total of fourteen employees have tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic.  Of those, twelve recovered at home and returned to work only after they had two consecutive negative tests for COVID-19.  Two are currently under quarantine in their homes.  We reviewed the details of each case with Tennessee and Shelby County Health Departments officials.  They concurred with our handling of the cases and offered no additional recommendations for us.

Guidelines and restrictions intended to prevent the entry of the coronavirus into The Village include precautions that impact the families and friends of our residents.  Among others, all who desire entry to The Village are screened with a series of questions about possible exposure to, or symptoms of, COVID-19.  We also checked them for signs of fever.  Anyone who fails any portion of the screening is denied entry.

Healthcare Areas (including Skilled Nursing, Memory Care and Assisted Living).

The Healthcare areas of The Village follow regulations issued by The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as other federal, state and local agencies. Presently, such regulations ban visitors.  CMS does allow certain exceptions, if approved by The Healthcare Administrator, for certain compassionate care situations such as end-of-life or other special needs. Village staff are available to assist with alternate methods of visitation such as telephone or video.

Non-essential events and activities have been canceled.  Communal dining has been discontinued.

Independent Living

No visitors are allowed under Governor Lee’s Executive Order, including residents’ family members. Exceptions may be made under imminent end-of-life situations, provided such visits may be accomplished without unreasonable risk to others. 

Dining venues are closed.  Presently, meals are delivered to residents, though we are working on plans to reopen dining venues soon.  When they do reopen, it will be with strict enforcement of guidelines to help protect the safety of residents and associates.  Even though we may reopen dining venues, we will continue to deliver meals to those residents who request it.  Organized events and activities had been canceled, but certain ones have now been resumed with stringent guidelines for each. 

The Oasis Salon reopened June 1 under stringent guidelines for operations and appointments, though the movie theater remains closed.  We have recently reopened the fitness center and pool, with stringent guidelines on the number of residents who may use the center at any given time and the social distancing that is required of those using the center.  Worship services, fitness classes and other activities are held with the allowable crowd size being based on the size of the room and spacing of seats to conform to social distancing requirements.  Many activities are still being live-streamed to residents’ homes. 

If you normally deliver groceries or supplies to your loved one, you may bring them to the Exeter gate and we will handle delivery to the resident.  We are still assisting residents with online ordering of groceries and supplies.  We pick up the packages at area retail stores and deliver them to residents.  Deliveries from outside parties are handled in such a way as to minimize exposure to The Village.  In most instances, deliveries are left at the entrance to the building and Village staff complete the delivery to the end user.  All packages are sanitized upon arrival.

Essential contractors, vendors and service providers are permitted on a limited basis and in limited areas after thorough screening.  Most non-essential services have been postponed.  Staff members are also screened daily upon arrival.  Any staff member failing screening is not allowed to proceed to work.

We will continue to follow changes to regulations and guidelines issued by the CDC, CMS, the Tennessee and Shelby County Departments of Health and other health and governmental organizations.  New regulations will be implemented immediately. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work to do all we can to protect the health, wellness and safety of our residents and associates. 

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